Dog Groomer

Generate leads at a price that is both affordable & scalable to help a newly re-branded business see an immediate increase of business.


Develop a strategic plan to acquire new customers for a company with a rebrand, focusing on a small geographic area surrounding the physical location of the business. Our approach using AdWords was to target those that specifically were looking for his services.


We built a landing page that focuses on the buyer's intent with a dynamic headline to encourage the most visitors to convert. We utilized a psuedo interactive booking engine to help convert customers. It made them feel like they were booking an appointment, so we increased conversions.


Year to Date Results


Our landing page & dynamic headline was an instant hit for the potential customres in the Peoria area. Average $5.50 leads for the past 6 months where our groomer gets to enjoy an immediate 10:1 return on his advertising spend, before we even factor in his life time value of each new client.

5.30% CTR
$5.50 Cost per Client
10:1 Return on Ad Spend

From The Client

They truly built our business around what we needed for growth. They were flexible and understood the dynamics of a business.

Dog Groomer