Day Spa

Build unique campaigns that align with the current seasonal promotions, as well as a unique marketing strategy to fill low times.


Mozaik Skin came to us because they needed an adaptable solution in which they could not only adjust certain specials based on seasonality, promotions, as well as the ever evolving size of the business.


We built a back-end system that would promote the approriate services, whether it was a Mother's Day Special or Couples. It would also reflect the proper pricing based on the season, the availability. We worked closely with Mozaik to ensure we maximize our adspend to deliver a high return on adspend.


Year to Date Results


We have helped Mozaik Skin grow from $6k/mo in gross revenue to over $70k/mo by helping them see up to 200 new clients each and every month. We have helped build specific subniches such as Couples Massage that are growing at a mind blowing rate.

15.86% CTR on Couples Related Searches
46.15% Conversion Rate
20x Return on Adspend

From The Client

They campaigns that we build together helped our business grow from a small 2 room studio into something magnificent.

Day Spa